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Gourmet Buns & Rolls

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This is the stuff your burgers, sandwiches, breakfasts, and bread baskets have been dreaming of!

It's no wonder that so many top restaurants across the continent serve our buns, rolls and new bagels! Made with the simplest ingredients, no preservatives, and authentic techniques we invite you to replicate a five-star dish in your very own kitchen.

NEW! Baguette Bagels

We love that you love our classic White Baguette. (Thanks!)
And we know that it might be hard to shove in a toaster the next morning. But never fear - we now have a bread for that too! Introducing our new ACE Baguette Bagels. We took the same ingredients, same baking techniques, and airy texture as our classic Baguette, and shaped it in a bagel! Enjoy for yourself.

Gourmet Buns 

Did you know our love of making burger buns started in Toronto when a famous chef wanted to create a very expensive burger in his restaurant, and approached us knowing his creation wouldn't be complete without an artisan ACE bun. Since then, many chefs caught on and our artisan Gourmet Buns truly give your burger the most epic of all burger experiences. 

We firmly believe a true, ultimate burger deserves an ultimate bun. Our buns are light, airy, have great crown-to-bottom ratio (yes, the top of a burger bun is called a crown!), and has exceptional spring-back characteristics. 

Packaged Rolls 

These sandwich and dinner rolls are perfect for families, and for those who have impeccable meal planning skills. With many in a pack, these little buns and rolls are baked fresh and packed fresh to give you the ultimate flexibility. Also, they freeze really well.