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  • 1982

    In his family kitchen in Caledon, Ontario, Martin Connell set out to bake a great baguette. Over the next several years, he and his wife, Linda Haynes, herself an accomplished cook, collected a library of books about baking, visited artisan bakeries throughout North America and Europe, and continued to experiment with a wide repertoire of breads.

  • 1993

    Our founders enjoyed making bread so much that they decided to open ACE Bakery at 548 King Street West, in Toronto. Bread lovers soon make the artisan bakery and café their destination for the city's best bread.

  • 1997

    Lots of people want ACE breads so we move to a new and larger bakery in North York, Ontario.

  • 1999

    ACE Bakery is given the Gold Award: Supplier by the Ontario Hostelry Institute. We're thrilled.

  • 2000

    ACE Bakery is now delivering bread to more than 300 of Toronto's finest restaurants, hotels, caterers and gourmet food shops. ACE is definitely catching on.

  • 2001

    After two years of research and development, ACE introduces a partially baked (par-baked) baguette. The baguette is par-baked at ACE, frozen and shipped to stores. They finish the baking in-store and their customers enjoy freshly baked bread throughout the day.

  • 2002

    Par-baking is a hit so ACE bakes up four new par-baked breads: Olive Boule, Cranberry Focaccia, Rosemary Focaccia and Organic Granary.

  • 2003

    ACE celebrates a decade of baking delicious artisan breads and is now offering a total of 20 breads. ACE is awarded Best Bakery in the Toronto Star‘s Eaters’ Choice Awards and Best Supplier by Foodservice and Hospitality magazine’s Pinnacle Awards.

    Linda Haynes, co-founder, publishes her first book, The ACE Bakery Cookbook, in October 2003. It quickly becomes an award-winning national bestseller.

  • 2004

    ACE Bakery is awarded Best Bakery by the Toronto Sun. Thank you.

  • 2005

    ACE Bakery launches four varieties of Organic Sliced Bread – the ideal thing for lunches for the whole family.

  • 2006

    Linda Haynes, co-founder of ACE Bakery, publishes her second cookbook with the catchy title, More from ACE Bakery. Most ACE breads are now Kosher certified. The Toronto Sun recognizes ACE with the Gold Award in their Reader's Choice Awards. We're very proud of that one.

  • 2007

    ACE develops and launches four varieties of Artisan Crisps and is once again awarded Best Bakery by the Toronto Sun. Artisan Crisps are an instant hit.

  • 2008

    ACE introduces a new family of six stone-ground whole grain breads that are recognized by the Whole Grain Council as a source of whole grains and part of a healthy diet. ACE also introduces a naturally sweetened Artisan Granola that is a delicious combination of wholesome and hearty ingredients.

  • 2009

    More and more people want more and more ACE bread in more and more places across North America, so we open a second bakery in Vaughan, Ontario.

  • 2010

    ACE's Master Baker, Marcus Mariathas, is a Finalist representing Canada in the Bakery World Cup (Coupe Louis Lesaffre).

  • 2012

    ACE Bakery introduces the Canada's Best Sandwich Contest and finalists from across the country come to Toronto for the Big Sandwich Showdown. It's such a big success that it comes back the following year.

  • 2013

    ACE opens its first U.S. bakery in Gaffney, South Carolina. The bakery will serve our many U.S. foodservice and retail customers with a broad selection of par-baked baguettes, breads and rolls.

    ACE celebrates it's 20th Anniversary by celebrating the many wonderful food artisans across Canada. We bring 20 artisans to Toronto for our Artisan Incubator showcase, seminars and cooking demonstrations.

    Finally! ACE Bakery breads are now available throughout the continental U.S.

  • 2014

    ACE introduces a new line of gourmet buns just in time for summer. Rosemary Sesame, Classic, Roasted Onion Brat, and Cheddar Ciabatta flavours transform BBQ season.

    Crostino joins the ACE line-up in Roasted Garlic and Grated Parmesan flavours. These little toasts are perfect for soup, on top of baked pasta, in stuffing, or as a wonderful snack right out of the bag.

    Hello Minneapolis and St. Paul! ACE is now in available in Twin Cities retailers.

    ACE opened our fourth state-of-the-art bakery just outside of Toronto to accommodate the ever growing demand.