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Our Commitment to the Community

One of ACE Bakery’s founding principles is that businesses have a social responsibility to support the communities that support them. In addition to bread donations, we fund charities in the main centres where ACE breads are sold.

ACE donates a percentage of profits to local charities that provide food and nutrition programs that assist low-income members of the community, with a specific focus on community based food and nutrition programs that foster healthy programs for children. We also finance culinary scholarships and support organic farming initiatives.

The links below will take you to many of the programs we’re involved in. If you’d like to help them as well, we’re sure your support would be greatly appreciated.

Food and Nutrition programs we support – Canada
Food and Nutrition programs we support – USA
Culinary Scholarships and Organic Farming initiatives we support

If you are seeking a donation from ACE, the links to the right will take you to the forms you need.

How Can We Help?

Gifts in Kind

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